Orange Key: 14424363S1

Last Updated Tuesday April 23rd, 2024

Tangerine, formerly ING Direct Canada, has an ongoing promotion which will get you free money! When you open an Account with a minimum balance of $100, they will start you off with a $25 $50 (until December 31st) bonus! Simply provide the Orange Key from the top of this site when signing up and you will receive a $25 $50 (until December 31st) bonus.

You are eligable for the $25 $50 (until December 31st) bonus when signing up for your first Tangerine/ING account. If you already have a Tangerine account unfortunately this code will not work for you. If you haven't signed up for a Tangerine account before this is an excellent opportunity to get $25 $50 (until December 31st) for free. Using the free orange code provided during signup you will be provided with the bonus when your account is opened. The bonus is applicable for savings, GIC or Mutual Funds in non registered accounts including the new tax free savings account.

If you are wondering why you should sign up for Tangerine there are several reasons. Tangerine has many amazing and innovative products. They offer a wide product range including savings, RRSP, GIC, mutual fund accounts as well as tax free savings accounts and their new THRIVE chequing accounts. With their no fee accounts they help you save faster. Additionally their savings accounts often provide higher interest rates than traditional banks. Overall Tangerine helps your savings grow faster, and with the free orange key provided at the top of the site your can start your savings with $25 $50 (until December 31st) extra.

To sign-up today visit Tangerine's Website and select the product best for you. Simply enter the Orange Key provided at the top of the site to receive your bonus. Enjoy saving your money without being nickel and dimed on account fees while saving more with higher interest rates.

Happy savings!